Vendor Application

Crowndbody is committed to the offering of quality natural hair, beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle products to people of color. Our quote, “Our culture, our standard of beauty.” stems from the belief that we are a dynamic, powerful and beautiful people. With an endless array of tones, textures, and types it is impossible to fully map us.  We are committed to supporting vendors of color in the offering of their products to meet the demand of our communities. 

We want our community to feel good about the products they receive because they will know it was sourced from people just like them. 

We have cultivated an innovative and profitable e-commerce platform to serve as a marketplace for entrepreneurs and niche businesses to grow their brands and reach the larger community.

If you have the passion and motivation, and a skincare, makeup, eyelash, bath and body, or lifestyle product, we will be here to help you.  We are a tribe and we will get there together. 



1. Please complete the application process to tell us about yourself, the business and most importantly your product line. 

2. After the extensive review process, vendors whom receive an invitation to offer their product line will receive a feature on our site. 

3. Together, we will assist you in the distribution of your product through a dynamic and culture oriented marketplace.